Innovative Mobile Marketing

  • Increase your sales and customer satisfaction through a loyalty program
  • Connect with your customer in an easy and cost effective way
  • Receive instant feedback
  • Make location based advertisement campaigns via our Beacon network
  • Get real time statistics about consumer behavior and preferences

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Loyal Customers

Just by scanning a Zen Label QR code your customers can become members of your own loyalty program. Communicate with your customers in a dynamic and cost effective way.

Onsite Advertising

Through the innovative beacon technology users can experience location aware advertisements, real time info and services on site.

Instant Feedback

Receive feedback from customers via Zen Label cloud based feedback system. Improve your customer's satisfaction.

Personal Mobile Rewards

Reward your most valuable customers and thus increase your sales and profit.

Reach Thousands of Customers

Notify your customers for your upcoming events, news and promotions – fast and easy.

Instant information

Through a simple scan of your product label customers can receive extended information of your products and services.

Forget plastic cards

With Zen Label App, loyalty cards become digital. Users can receive and keep membership cards directly in their smart phone.

How it works

For more detailed information please watch our video. When you are ready just visit the Apple App Store or Google Play download it and give it a try.

It is easy and fun!

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What is a Beacon?

The Beacon is a small battery powered device, which emits a radio signal. The way the lighthouse emits light that is used as a navigational aid for ships at sea, Beacon emits a signal which is received by a compatible smart phone and enables the mobile app to visualize location aware content.

For example, if you get close to a store where Beacons are installed your phone can display current sales, promotions and discounts.

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About Zen Label

Established in 2014 Zen Label is working globally by creating an innovative approach in the marketing industry. We are a team of professionals with more than ten years of experience in marketing, finance, information technology and high-tech industries. Through our service we strive to provide added value to both customers and users.
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